Sunday, October 16, 2011

Enjoy The Cobbler!

A few weeks ago, I lost my Aunt...she passed away peacefully in her sleep. The last couple of weeks were draining on our family; finally, we are getting back to normal.

This little pearl came about in that week of coming together and reflecting on life:

About two weeks before my Aunt A. passed, she visited her sister (Aunt B.) for a week or so: from what I hear, they really enjoyed themselves. Aunt A. had been ill for a while, so this was a needed break from the Aunts went to the movies, had a mani/pedi and just relaxed (WHY didn't I go on this trip?!)

As my family came together preparing to say good-bye, Aunt B. fixed a nice size blueberry cobbler (she is the chef of the family, weather she likes it or not!) As my mother and two Aunts ate the cobbler, Aunt B. said "I fixed this cobbler when Aunt A. came to visit me...I had one serving, she ate the rest. She [Aunt A.] said it was so good she couldn't help it!" Aunt B. said she would fix her another cobbler when she visited again; sadly that didn't happen.

Thankfully, we all saw the positive in this: Aunt A. really enjoyed herself in her last weeks of life...(think of part one of "Eat, Pray, Love")

So, what's the lesson in this story: we (I) need to learn how to take a huge slice out of life and enjoy! Whatever your "cobbler" is...skydiving, traveling, or just enjoying yourself without worry or it!

Rest peacefully, Auntie!



  1. And everytime I take a slice out of life, I smile and think about the loved ones of mine that have passed and I raise the glass of cheer to them and say....thank you for reminding me and guiding me from afar in filling up on life! To me it is a way to celebrate not just my life here on earth but theirs as well. Your Aunt is proud!

  2. Oh bless your heart! It's kinda sad some of us don't really take the time to reflect until death knocks at our door...

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. I really enjoyed reading this post, I'll have to remember to enjoy those "slices of life" and not take them for granted. Thanks for sharing :0)

  4. Hey sweetie,

    First hang in there for a loss is never easy to get through, but I know you can do it, I believe in you. To be honest Just recently I just started living. I work, take care of the kids, school, teach, well you get the point busy in a major way. I was not taking a big piece out of was having me for breakfast lunch and dinner. I said no more, I know I am fun, loving, and full of life and I be dang if I dont start acting like it! So if I didnt feel like washing the dishes I did't, or some other chore that would be pressing. I enjoyed my summer for once and took off from school this summer as well. I needed to live again! To laugh, and smile and be happy! Im so glad you wrote this it reminds me that I have a movie to watch! No homework tonight! ((HUG))

  5. My condolences on the loss of your Aunt...This is an incredibly beautiful and heart-warming tribute to your Aunt.
    Thank you for sharing your love for her and her love of life