Saturday, April 9, 2011

1 Away...

So, I'm sitting here, trying to get used to the new medicine the doctor prescribed for me (ugh!) recalling the madness I was going through this time last year.
In the midst of one of many doctors visits, he said something like "You're an interesting person, I've never seen anyone like you before." (I guess that could be a compliment, maybe?!)

I first met my doctor when I thought I had a newly developed walnut allergy (later finding out I went into something similar to anaphylactic shock, full "Lisa Rinna" lips for a few days *pucker up*...)
This began a long month on labs, x-rays, CAT scans, and tons of confusion: he came up with a diagnosis, lyme disease.
I took him at his word; I was too busy with life to worry about what was going on. "I'm 29 years old with a six year old and a demanding job, I don't have time for this." (STRIKE 1!!!)

After a few weeks of antibiotics I felt a tad better and put my overall health on the back burner. (STRIKE 2!!!) I felt 'well enough' to keep going fast pace; little did I know I would end up with a major foul. The foul being my current condition with RA, fibro (and who knows!)

So, this is my first of hopefully many entries. I will do my best to add a practical lesson at the end of each entry-
Lesson 1: Doctors are great resources and they are willing to help diagnose us properly, but we must do better to make sure the doors of communication are wide open!!

(The info will get better as I get to a better understanding, trust me!)

Thanks for joining me! xo