Monday, May 30, 2011

Work in Progress...

So, trying to find my voice has proven more difficult than I thought; between flares and sleepless nights and those wonderful brain fogs things slip my mind. *smile*

                                                     (*I was about to do...something.?!*)

I guess this could be used a metaphor...I'm building up my blog as I build up the courage/energy to proceed with this blog.

So if y'all can bear with me, I will make this a pleasant experince!

Much love,


  1. this is a fellow lupus warrior. hang in there, it will get better, but there will be times when it's not so good, but that's just life (in general), and you happen to have lupus too.

    hang in there, and if you need/want to reach out - i'm here for you. here's my personal blog where i talk alot about what i go through while fighting lupus and dealing with life. it's check it out, i hope it helps.

    ~ angela

  2. Thanks, Angela!

    I checked out your blog, God bless you! It's people like you that give me courage to speak up!